Industrial Engineering


ESD Colour System

Has your floor lost its colour and now looks dull?

ESD Colour System is the perfect solution. Applying 2 coats of Base

Available as UV sealer. Ensuring you have your floor back for use on the SAME DAY!

Coat Colour

Your floor will look as new as on the day it was installed with ESD Top Coat on your floor.

 It will have optimum conductivity. With a 3 coat system, we can bring back all the requirements of a perfectly conductive floor, without interfering with your production area. 

ESD Transparent System

Has your floor lost its shine? Scratches cannot be cleaned anymore?  

ESD Transparent System is the answer. 2 coats, Base & Top Coat. This system will restore perfect conductivity and make it easier to clean.  Make your floor look beautiful again

ESD Single Coat System

If your newly installed conductive floor has been damaged or scratched or if your perfectly conductive floor cannot be cleaned and residues from ESD pallets are still visible after daily cleaning, ESD Single Coat System is the perfect answer to your problems. Applied in one transparent coat, it will close the pores of your floor, making it extremely easy to clean while preserving the good conductive properties of the floor.