About Us

Dr Schutz every day helps people to protect their valuable investments in their choice of floor and at the same time save resources in protecting the planet.  This is the reason that I decided to invest my time in a company who pioneers innovations along with continuous investments in improving product research that is essential to protecting floors .  My goal and passion is to bring these innovations to the Irish market so that you the client can avail of the research and development that Dr Schutz brings to protect new and existing floors and to renew old floors that other wise are thrown into landfill. I have been in the flooring industry for 15 years and my experience is that the client who has invested in a new floor is left dissatisfied after a very short period of time.  Dr Schutz Ireland wants to help and support you to ensure that your floors are protected against migration of dirt and stains on your floor.  Before a new product reaches the market it is examined thoroughly by our technical department prior to release.  At the same time we are constantly testing floor coverings to support our partners in the industry and trade.  Service and advice is at the heart of my philosophy to support our client and partners in Ireland with help and advice only a phone call away or in person in your facility to provide advice .

Dr Schutz has fostered close cooperation and exchange of ideas with the leading flooring manufacturers with the aim to match the most modern care systems with the latest floor coverings.  This establishes trust and certainty with our partners and you their clients .

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