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PU Antislip Additive R11


Supplementary additive for PU Sealer and PU Anticolor to sustainably increase the floor’s slip resistance class to R11 in accordance with BGR 181 to exceed HSE slip resistance guidelines of low risk to slip injury tested according to BS 7976-2.

Exceeds safety requirements for hospitals and care homes

Extends the life of any floor and reduces maintenance

Non-slip safety in both wet and dry conditions

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Recommended use

To add into the mixture of the first of two application coats of PU Sealer or PU Anticolor, to extremely increase the safety and slip resistance of floors, make attractive and easily maintainable without ever having to replace. Recommended on all types of floors in hospitals, care homes, sports & leisure facilities other environments where health and safety is extremely important.


  1. Prior to application, ensure the surface is thoroughly and mechanically clean and dry, free from dust, grease, oil, wax and care product residues and finishes – this process is most effective when applying Turbo Strip with the grey PU renovation pad.
  2. Shake both PU Sealer or PU Anticolor and the cross linker well.
  3. Carefully add PU Antislip Additive R11 to the PU sealer in a mix-ratio of approx. 10:1 (or 440 g into 5 litres of PU sealer) and stir thoroughly.
  4. Add the cross linker to the PU Sealer or PU Anticolor canister and thoroughly mix both components by shaking thoroughly.

Initial protection

  1. Apply the sealer, cross linker and additive mixture evenly with the Aquatop Roller, covering the floor with approx. 50 ml/m².
  2. Allow the surface to dry for at least 2 hours, but no longer than 12 hours.
  3. Apply a second coat of the sealer mixture but without Antislip Additive and allow to dry.

 Coverage: 4 g/m2

Restoration and repairs

  1. Treat the floor surface with a silver PU Pad to remove any remaining shine before application to ensure a clear transition.
  2. Apply one application of PU Antislip Additive R11 mixed with PU Sealer or PU Anticolor, using the Aquatop Roller, allowing at least 2 hours drying between.
  3. Apply a second application of only PU Sealer or PU Anticolor without Antislip Additive.
  4. The floor can be used with care after 12 hours and will perform maximum protection after 7 days.

 Guaranteed for years, reduced maintenance

The sheen the sealer does not diminish with time and does not need to be polished, waxed or stripped at any time in order to maintain. Simply clean the surface using PU Cleaner with an auto-scrubber or damp mop to ensure the surface remains clean.

 A safe, hygienic and stain resistant protective layer

The finish is economical in use and friendly to the environment whilst the surface is resistant to chemicals and plasticisers including hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

 Improves the overall appearance and makes a good impression

Guaranteed six times higher long-term protection for the surface against friction damage and scratches, proven to extend the lifetime of floor use in comparison to conventional sealers.

 3-year warranty when professionally applied

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