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Clean and Strip


A super efficient, yet mild special cleaning agent to remove the remains of old care products, scuff marks and stubborn stains as well as adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, lino, rubber and resin floors.

Removes old care products and stubborn stains

Removes scuff marks and adhesive residue

Coverage: 30-50m2/L

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Recommended use

For vinyl, linoleum and rubber flooring. Gentle with low PH value, therefore particularly suitable for linoleum and rubber flooring.

Intensive cleaning and dirt removal solution

Removes the remains of old care products, stubborn stains and adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum, rubber and resin floors. Simply dilute with water to a ratio between 1:5 and 1:10 (depending on the extent of dirt) and mop the floor. Allow to stand for 10 minutes and be sure to rinse the surface with clear water until completely clean and dry.

 Coverage: 30-50m2/L

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750ml, 1 Litre