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Aquatop Roller


For the quick and easy application of all water-based films to maximise consumption, quality and protection of any floor type for use in both small and large areas. Perfectly balanced for the application of Dr. Schutz sealers and Eukula Strato wood finishes.

Optimal application, maximum consumption

Suitable for use with all water-based finishes

Available in 25 and 50 cm widths for small and large areas



Recommended use

Perfectly balanced for both DIY and Professional applications of resilient, wood, cork and laminate floor coverings, as well as Eukula Strato wood finishes. Quickly and easily apply any water-based coating to maximise consumption, quality and protection of the floor surface in any type of residential and commercial environment.

 Quick, convenient and easy application

 Maximum consumption

 Optimal protection

User Product Floor
DIY Floor Mat, Floor Shine, Quick Fix Antislip Vinyl & other hard floors
DIY Wood & Cork Floor Polish, Quick Fix Antislip Wood, Cork & Laminate
DIY / Professional Eukula Strato System Wood
Professional Secura Hard Sealer, Ultra High Shine Hard Sealer, Medica Hard Sealer Commercial
Professional PU Sealer, PU Anticolor, Super PU 100 Commercial

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Roller Sleeve 25cm, Roller Sleeve 50cm, Roller Frame 25cm, Roller Frame 50cm