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Alibaba Stain Remover


Solvent-free stain removal of water-soluble stains on natural fibre and oriental carpets. Particularly gentle to dyes and fibres and does not degrease treated floor coverings.

Removes water-soluble stains

Gentle to dyes and fibres


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Recommended use

Removing water-soluble stains from natural fibre carpets and oriental carpets such as wool, silk, coir, jute and sisal.

Natural carpet cleaning

  1. Spray Alibaba onto a soft, absorbent cloth.
  2. Loosen stain by dabbing gently, working from the edges of the stain towards the centre.
  3. Remove loosened dirt by dabbing with a dry part of the cloth.
  4. Then treat with clear water and subsequently dab dry. If necessary, place the cloth on the treated area, weigh it down somewhat and allow it to stand for a time until the liquid has been removed completely from the carpet.

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