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  • Lino Primer


    Two-component roll-on primer for sealing linoleum floors, reducing porosity and provides optimal bonding for subsequently applied Dr. Schutz PU sealers or hard sealers.

    High quality primer to reduce porosity of linoleum

    Easy to use, good penetration properties and visual impression

    Forms good adhesion for PU sealers and hard sealers

  • Primer for screed floors


    Waterbased roll-out primer for cement-based screeds which reduces absorbency and formation of bubbles and provides good adhesion of the subsequent sealing film of PU Anticolor. Good penetrating quality, even visual impression, easy to use.

    Especially for cementitious screeds

    Good penetration quality and visual impression

    Easy to use and forms a good adhesion for PU Anticolor

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  • Superbond


    Special bonding primer for protecting ceramic tiles and stone floors as well as glass and metal surfaces before coating with a permanent PU sealer. The protective film becomes unbreakable. Solvent-free and easy to use.

    Uniquely bonds permanent sealers to stone and tiled floors

    Sealer coating will not break, peel, flake or blister

    Economical and reliable solution without forming a film