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  • Baygard – Carpet Protection Spray


    Provides an invisible, long-lasting dirt and dust resistant film for carpets and rugs as well as upholstery and textile wall coverings. Also stabilises carpet pile and prevents felting and fading.

    Dirt and dust repellent

    Stabilises carpet pile

    Prevents felting and fading

    Coverage: 40m2/L

  • Carpetlife 310 Brush Vacuum Cleaner


    Efficient brush vacuum cleaner with two engines for the effective removal of dust, lint and dirt as well as cleaning and maintenance of insensitive textile floors such as carpets and rugs.

    Powerful performance

    Effortless cleaning of carpets and hard floors

    Low sound level: 68db (A)

  • Click Sealer


    A high-quality impregnation agent to reduce the risk of surface swelling caused by dampness at the edges of laminate and sealed wood and cork floors.

    Reduces swelling

    Grease and dirt removal

    Coverage: 40m2

  • Concentrated Carpet Cleaner


    For the fibre-deep cleaning of synthetic fibre carpeting and upholstery. The new fresh-up formula guarantees fresh air within rooms and eliminates unpleasant smells such as nicotine. With integrated stain remover and foam blocker to protect your carpet from weight marks and staining from furniture.

    Eliminates bad odours and smells

    Protects carpets from heavy furniture

    Coverage: Approx. 60-70m2

  • Dry Foam


    A dry foam with excellent cleaning qualities as a mild shampoo treatment for natural fibre carpets, rugs and upholstery.

    Excellent cleaning qualities

    Mild shampoo treatment

    Coverage: 10m2

  • Elatex Stain Remover


    Universal stain remover for the removal of rubber marks, heel marks, adhesive residue and stubborn stains on any type of floor including carpets as well as upholstery.

    Stain remover from any floor or carpet

    Removes black marks and sticky substances

    Easy spray and wipe process

  • Floor Cleaner R1000


    Cleans, protects and adds safety to your flooring in one step. Enhances the anti-slip properties, creating a water-soluble protective film which fulfils DIN Norm 18031 for sport floors and is ideal for use after application of hard sealers or polishes such as Floor Shine or Floor Mat.

    • Maintains slip resistant and protective coatings?
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Coverage: Up to 1000m2/L
  • Floor Mate



    Your floor’s best mate when it comes to removing stubborn coloured stains such as red wine, fruit tea and curry from synthetic fibre carpets, resilient and laminate flooring as well as furniture.

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Stubborn stain removal
    • Universal use around the home
    • Select options
  • Fresh Up 2 in 1


    Freshen up your carpets with a non-foaming, tenside-free fresh formula to eliminate bad odours and smells as well as remove contamination, dirt and stains on carpets and upholstery. Eliminates bad odours and smells

    Removes dirt and stains 

    Coverage: approx. 20m2

  • Inolit Limescale Remover


    Special cleaning powder for the removal of limescale, rust marks and hard water deposits from newly-laid floors, acid-resistant tiles and stone surfaces.

    Removes limescale, rust and hard water deposits

    Highly effective cleaning of kitchen and bathroom taps and sinks

    Coverage: 10m2/kg

  • Quick Fix Antislip


    A quick drying and cost effective solution to ensure your floor stays safe to comply with HSE slip requirements to quickly reduce the chance of slip injury. A strong PTV of 36+ for wet and dry floors according to BS 7976. Easy to apply, water-based lacquer with good adherence and effective results.

    • Only one coat necessary for quick fix and anti-slip solution
    • Floor becomes safe to walk on after just 2 hours
    • Coverage: 5L = 100m2
  • ScratchNoMore Furniture Glider System


    – The modern furniture glider system from Dr. Schutz, offers the perfect solution to protect valuable floors from scratches and wear. Thanks to its flexibility it can be adapted to every type of chair and other furniture.

    Sustainable and easy to assemble

    Absolutely scratch-free


    For orders or enquiries, please purchase online using the link below or contact Floor Safe on 01582 742434.

  • Stain Guard


    A long-lasting impregnation treatment to guard against stains and marks on natural and synthetic carpets, rugs, upholstery as well as leather furniture in the home and in the car.

    Resistant to stains and marks

    Drying: 4 hrs

    Coverage: 25m2/L

  • Super Stain Remover


    Stain remover spray for the professional removal of especially stubborn water insoluble stains. Removes glue, grease and oil residues as well as paint, ink and nail varnish stains.

     Highly effective stain removal

    Removes residue of glue, grease and oil

    Removes glue, paints, inks and nail varnish stains

  • Wood Care for Oiled Floors


    eans and cares for all oiled and waxed wood and cork floors in one step. Provides a protective film with a silk finish.

    Highly cleaning power

    Increased wood protection with silk finish

    Coverage: 500m2/L